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Foilyage: A new twist on Balayage

No, foilyage is not a misspelling of leaves left over from the fall. Foilyage is a brand-new color method to add to your hair lexicon---especially if natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights are what you are after.
Developed by colorist Hitomi Ikeda of New York City's Louis Licari Salon. The process combines the best of two worlds with balayage and the vibrant color payoff of foil highlights. The traditional balayage technique involves painting color and highlights directly onto the surface of the hair, the process is often messy but makes for amazing color (the important part). Hitomi Ikeda is quoted “I don't really like to balayage the whole head, because it always comes out too piecey in the root area, and you have to add extra heat to the hair to lift the color". "To do ombré with all foils, you have to do so much teasing to separate each area, and that's a lot of work for everyone involved. I tried to come up with a way to achieve the look using the painting technique, but wrapping the ends with foils to brighten them." In an interview with Instyle magazine.
Your technician keeps the top area natural, and adds subtle highlights underneath, as they paint a different dye on the ends, in which are then covered with foil to preserve the seperation. The brush is used with sponge like motion to apply the color more evenly. You end up with something of a natural beach like sun kissed color, as though you just came home from vacation.
Foilyage is easy to maintain just like ombre and sombe. Since your base color remains intact at the top, you can go three to four months, or longer between touch-ups. Foilyage works on every hair length, color, and texture under the sun, but gives the most spectacular results with brunettes. When darker hair hues are lifted, they tend to go brassy, red and yellow quickly depending on undertones, but with this technique you get a more natural tone.
To simplify this task, ask your stylist to wrap the ends of your balayage in foils. Add subtle highlights along your part and top layers that connect to the ombré on the ends.

Thank you for stopping by.
Aaron Merritt-Owner at NV Salon and Spa

I learned the value of good hair care products!

In contrast to my more technical blogs, I felt this would be a great experience to share. In recent years I have failed to see the value of good hair care products. Being in the business of hair I should have known better, but I insisted to myself that bar soap was perfectly viable for washing my hair... Granted in the past I have had short hair and my best attempt at longer hair (stringy mess), this was a clear mistake. About a year ago my stylist told me I should try a new style and we started shaping my hair to fit this style. Months continued to go by and even with trimming only the ends I was unable to grow my hair into a viable length or thickness for the style. It became frustrating for both myself and my stylist. I decided to go with a very cheap shampoo (CVS special) as I was not going to raid my girlfriends expensive shampoo and conditioner. This garnered no new turn out for my hairs' quality, length or thickness. 

The great revelation
We have began carrying a new line from Wella recently, so I decided I would give my hair a better chance. I took home a shampoo and conditioner for fine hair and a quality oil. Within two weeks I noticed an amazing turn around. My hair no longer had a dull brittle appearance, instead I found my hair to be soft and have a healthy shimmer to it. Mornings used to include this mangled curly mess atop my head no matter what I did to tame it the night before. My hair now starts the day with a complementary finger wave texture, and makes for far less work to style further. The ultimate pay off was in length and thickness. I am finally able to fit the hairstyle effectively since the inception of my new do! I never thought about the importance of products on my hair until I saw the benefits for myself. In my new view, if you want your hair to grow longer and stronger, you MUST use quality hair care products. The difference is abundantly apparent in use, and I for one am glad to be in the know. Hope this was helpful to some of you and thank you for taking the time to read.

Aaron Merritt-Owner at NV Salon & Spa

What should I do between massages?

Getting a massage is an integral part of keeping your body in smooth fluid motion. However what you do between massages is just as important. It is easy to overlook the small details that provide a significant improvement to our bodies function in lieu of the larger processes we incur.

Water!- This is the most reiterated statement you will receive post massage. There is a valid reason, and should be a conscious effort beyond the first day. Massage releases lactic and carbonic acid that need steady hydration to alleviate their presence. The advancement of circulation via massage therapy also allows the lymphatic system to clean its self out. The more water, the more efficient the cleansing system is.


Stretching- A bit of an obvious factor in maintaining a functioning body is to stretch regularly. Stretching will elongate the muscle and keep you from building up acid deposits as quickly. Making time between massages less arduous. Five to ten minutes per day will suffice in extending the effects of your massage.


Exercise- With an overall good effect for your body and its functionality, working out compliments a massage by keeping the muscles active.  A cultivated regimen will give you a quality exercise while keeping the body in shape and minimize injury. If you are seeking massage for therapy in over working or straining, a more subtle approach to exercise would be advised until healing has occurred.

Being aware- Your body will likely want to rest after massage. Giving your body its needs to reap the best benefits from your massage will be well worth the effort. Following with a diet rich in water and fiber will also help the circulatory system function at full capacity.
Every ones body has different needs and the best thing you can do is observe and listen to your body. This way you know what best suits your after massage regimen. Talking to your therapist though can help you with identifying the best course of action and should be considered based on age and capability to avoid injury in the future.

Thank you for your time, hope this article was helpful.

Aaron Merritt-Owner at NV Salon & Spa

Hair for humidity: Finding ways to make bad hair days good.

Although we cannot control the weather, our hair has multiple options. With the summer bringing humid months to come, having a few tricks up your sleeve helps. We will go over a few tips and tricks to help tame the poofy, frizzy mess that can occur.

  •  French braid-The look is simple yet shows a side of elegance making it the top pick.  French braiding can be broken down into a few easy steps. Start by brushing the hair smooth, removing any tangles or knots.

Now that you have smooth hair take three even pieces at the front of your hair along the hairline. Hold these three sets of hair one in each hand and one between the thumb and most comfortable finger not in use. Begin braiding right section over center then left. The most important part to this process is that you smooth the hair and keep it fairly tight. Now that the first section is braided, grab a slight bit of hair from the right side of the head before repeating the cycle (once again make sure the hair is smooth when adding to the section to avoid any fly aways). Repeat with the left side of the head now, making sure the hair is relatively equal so we don’t end up with a lumpy hair do.

Continue this pattern until you no longer can add to the sections and continue with a traditional braid. Once you are complete add a standard hair tie or something with more flare for fun.

Pro tip- Slightly dirty hair holds together better than freshly cleaned hair. Make sure the middle section stays centered on the head to avoid having a crooked finished product.

  • Top Knot-A sleek look achieved by smoothing the hair back into a pony tail on top of the crown of your head and secure with a hair tie. Twist the hair around the band and secure with bobby pins. (Use a taming balm or oil for a smoother look.)
  • Tucked Bun-This style seems complex and can be made as such with braiding. Start with an elastic hairband (preferably one with a stylish look over practicality) being placed over your hair from forehead hairline to just over the ears. Separate the hair in three sections (left and right side, and back). Tuck the back section into the band leaving the bottom of the loop slightly hanging. Now do the same with sides into same space as the back section. To add flare twist or braid the side sections to add texture.


  • Pony tail-There are a number of variations that can be used for pony tails. All of these styles can be full pony tail or sectioned pony tail depending upon your personal taste.
  • Rolled pony tail- Make a loose pony tail and open a hole in the middle looping the pony tail through the hole. Simple design and very fast way to make a normal pony more fun.
  • Sectioned pony-The sectioned pony tail allows the hair to be easily contained by sectioning the pony tail along its length with hair ties. This allows you to have a smooth sectioned look or you can ruffle the sections and create a more unique look. Also you can start the pony tail high and pin a few sections to the back of the head for a sleek look.



Sometimes the weather may seem like its out to get us, but a little primping can save us from a bad hair day. Playing with these can give you different looks and takes little time to achieve. Smoothing balms and taming oils can always help keep the frizz down, ask one of our stylist what would best suit you.

Thank you,

Aaron Merritt-Owner at NV Salon & Spa

5-20-15 Healthy skin as we age


Our skins health is as important as every other vital organ. Skin is easy to overlook as we can tend to be rough on our natural barrier that protects us from the worlds harsh environments. You can avoid many of the degrading damaging factors to your skin with just a few tips on how to preserve your skin.


  • As we age our bodies change with our hormones fluctuating up and down. These fluctuations can cause acne breakouts and exacerbate eczema. These can be brought about as progesterone and testosterone surges occur. We recommend a benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid and or Retinal A cremes to remove inflammation and diminish sebum stuck in the pore. Eczema can be soothed with fragrance free cleansers. For women pregnancy may bring clear skin or new problems to tackle. Some in which would require the assistance of a dermatologist.
  • All of the accumulative damages done early on in life begin to show up in our thirties and forties. At this stage you want to continue to be cautious of doing damage and also checking for any suspect changes. Take careful time to view moles, unusual changing patches, and any location that has made a visible change. These spots should be brought to the attention of a dermatologist to confirm that they are or are not dangerous to your health. We suggest one of our SPF50 sunblock moisturizers to reduce any new damage and provide your skin with a silk like feel. Along with protection the 40 and 50’s can include redness, small rash like bumps, and spider like blood vessels. These problems can be a result of alcohol, sun exposure, excess heat, and stress. We recommend an anti-redness serum and a Swedish massage to reduce overall stress.
  • Our 50’s bring a new dynamic in our natural oil production reducing our skins moisture levels. Often leaving dry, itchy and flaky skin. Staying hydrated has never been so important. Harsh soaps, hot water or bathing too often, and lack of a good moisturizer can exacerbate this occurring. The following years require a combination of attention to your skin, proper products to keep your skin comfortable, staying hydrated to promote a healthy body thoroughly, constant skin checks (99 percent of cases of skin cancer are treatable if found early), and remember that stress affects the body in a number of was. Reducing your stress levels will leave you happier and healthier.


The best results would be through youthful education on ones skin and the trials we face to protect it. If you have overlooked the value of healthy skin, today would be a perfect day to take special consideration in looking after your bodies biggest organ.

Thank you,

Aaron Merritt-Owner at NV Salon & Spa

5-12-15 Swedish or Deep tissue massage

Swedish vs Deep Tissue-Knowing what best serves your needs.
Swedish massage provides de-stressing, improved circulation, and general relaxation. This method addresses the entire body (excluding genitalia). 
First the muscles are lightly warmed up as oil and pressure are applied. The muscles are then stretched and kneaded, followed by smoothing and draining of fluids to promote circulation. Vibration and or percussion may be used to release and stimulate muscle release.The process continues this pattern on the entirety of the body. Some limbs will be shaken to release tension for an overall calming effect.
Benefits include: Increased circulation, lowered blood pressure, release of stress causing improved immune system. Generally those who get regular Swedish massage find themselves more healthy, energetic and far less stressed.
Deep Tissue massage is more specific in its treatment. Designed to target tight muscles and correct postural alteration caused by tight muscles.
While the name would imply and is typically inferred to be just hard pressure, this is a common misconception. Depending upon your massage
therapist, you may have heavy pressure with less specification or lighter pressure targeted to deep muscle release. The primary stroke of deep
tissue is targeted following the fiber direction in linear motion applying firm pressure. This in turn stimulates the muscle to release. Also a 
stationary pressure may be used to cause a release trigger in the muscle as well. When the technique is appropriately applied, you can 
"program" the body to correct dysfunctional posture into a healthier position. Health benefits include: Release of muscles, Reduced pain,
Increased recovery from injury, better posture in which leads to better body function.
Each massage has its specific benefits and can compliment each other in stepped therapy. When deciding which better serves your needs, you can consider what your overall goal is in getting a massage. Such questions can be of assistance: Do I have specific pains I need targeted? Do I want a full
body general wellness massage. The best way in my professional opinion is to communicate with your therapist what you want to fix, or if you just need to relieve some tension, or even a combination of both may best suit your needs.
Thank you,
Aaron Merritt- Owner at NV Salon & Spa


4-10-15 What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French technique in which the process of applying hair color is painted on versus traditional cap or foil highlights. Developed in the 1970's, it is best suited for longer hair but can be used on short hair. 

  • Balayage has a wide range of applications- From strong definitive punky like chunks to very soft natural highlights. Due to the nature of how Balayage is performed, your color has less need for upkeep. Although balayage does give you an extension on possible time away from the salon, it must be performed properly. Improper application can lead to overlap damage and breakage.
  • The process-Balayage application can vary depending on your desired outcome. Some technicians will prefer one method over another based upon their experiences. The practice of brushing color on with a backboard, cotton wool, or foils is quite common. Some stylist prefer to tease the hair first and then paint on colour by hand. 
  • Hair goals and balayage- Balayage does provide the ability to go longer without highlights, however toners and touch ups are still required to keep your colours appearance at its best. Balayage is perfect for natural hair to start with, but is perfectly viable for already colored hair. Most stylist will use foils in starting the transition to a balayage appearance. Balayage is typically best suited for longer hair, showcasing the variants in color through the flow of hair. Styling with loose curls gives the best vantage point to see all aspects of colour.
  • Overall maintenance- As with all color and highlights, using the proper shampoo, conditioner, and styling products prolongs the appearance and health of your hair. Talking with your stylist they will provide you with information on the best product to compliment your hair type and color needs. 

At NV Salon & Spa our technicians are well versed in a multitude of techniques. When consulting with any technician they will provide you with a safe option to provide the color and style you wish. For some styles balayage may not be the best fit, especially with more structured highlighting. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 817-731-1200

Thank you for reading our blog.

Aaron Merritt- Owner at NV Salon & Spa



3-4-15 The benefits of professional massage

Once only the high end luxury spas offered massage. Now it is common place to find massage in medical fields, business's designed for massage, day spas, salons, and other relaxed atmospheres. As more people accept massage as a therapeutic treatment, the refinement and quality increases.


Massage is commonly understood as an alternative medicine. As it becomes more accepted, massage is used in junction with standard treatments to boost overall efficiency. In recent studies, massage has demonstrated efficiency in reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Beyond said benefits, independent studies show correlation between massage therapy and positive effects for:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches 
  • Insomnia 
  • Myofascial
  • Paresthesias
  • Soft tissue, strains and sports injury

It is always beneficial to be honest with your massage therapist in relaying all of your pertinent medical history. This will provide you as the client with the best treatment possible. Finding a massage therapist is crucial in getting the most out of your experience. When looking for a specific treatment or type of massage, asking for a massage therapist whom specializes in what you need will best benefit you.


Aaron Merritt- Salon Owner




2-5-2015 Dermalogica: Why a skin care professional is just as important as the products.


As a Dermalogica distributor, it is our responsibility to provide the highest quality of information on our products. Using a professional to decipher your skin is most efficacious with Dermalogicas Face Mapping skin analysis. Face Mapping analysis is the process of analyzing your skin, zone-by-zone, to diagnose your skin condition and prescribe subsequent products for results. Without a skin care professionals input, you may select the wrong products. Using the incorrect products you may not reach your desired skin health goals.

Using a professional skin care technician is the same when you visit a doctor or dentist. Better health is the reason. The skin is the largest organ on our body. It defends against harsh environmental intrusions. Provides a barrier to our pathogen laden world. Simply said it protects us from the everyday abuse of being used. Your skin needs personal attention from a professional. Becca is our resident expert on Dermalogica, whom has the highest training in skin care under Dermalogica. All of our estheticians are very well versed in their product lines as well.

Whatever your goal may be, we have the products and expertise to meet your expectations and goals. Professional experience and knowledge allow for a much better result. It is always better to consult and work with an esthetician, rather than buying random products off a shelf. If you have any questions regarding our services or products please contact us at 817-731-1200.

 Aaron Merritt
Owner-NV Salon & Spa



1-24-2015 The value of deep conditioning.

So, let's talk hair health with DEEP CONDITIONING. Deep Conditioning offers the hair a bevy of benefits. Deep Conditioning your hair will provide the much needed nutrients to the hair follicle and allow the hair to shine and appear at its healthiest. Being hydrated and conditioned brings a feel and look of healthy hair. If your hair is damaged or feeling extremely dry, you can deep condition more consistently until you feel and see the difference. Now, there is no need to run out and buy an expensive hair conditioner. Generally speaking, any conditioner can help, although there are   many conditioners marketed for the purpose of deep conditioning the hair. You can use any conditioner that is rich, thick, and emollient that you enjoy using. The great thing about using a deep hair conditioner is that it gets the chance to be as effective as possible. Leaving the conditioner for extended time allows it to settle into the cuticle far better.

Before I get into the wonderful benefits of Deep Conditioning, let me first cover who benefits most from Deep Conditioning.


·         Those who use styling products often. Styling products can cause buildup that prevents hair from looking its best. Due to product buildup, a clarifying cleanse is recommended. This process strips moisture from the hair. Deep Conditioning replenishes the hair with moisture. Products that contain harsh ingredients, such as alcohols, sulfates, synthetic fragrance robs the hair of its moisture, thereby causing the hair to feel dry.

·         Individuals who use heat on a regular basis. Such as hairdryers, curling irons, and flat irons to name a few.

·         Individuals who use chemical dyes, relaxers or highlights. Because these processes can strip moisture, the hair will be in need after wards. 

·         Next we will look at the benefits of deep conditioning.

·         Deep Conditioning the hair provides a preventative measure to ensure that there is as little damage to the hair as possible through the style.

·         Heated Deep conditioning for 15 to 20 minutes will provide the hair with moisture and strength.

·         Using deep conditioning will bring back flexibility to avoid breakage. 

·         You hair's elasticity will improve because of the emollients and other moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner. 

·         Having healthy hair allows it to grow with less breakage loss. Thus allowing your hair to grow longer and thicker.


Why you should visit a professional vs DIY spa services Jan-14-2015
Visiting a salon/spa is one of the best ways to unwind after a stressful day, as it allows you to pamper yourself and enjoy the relaxation of having a professional help you improve yourself. Rather you visit a spa for a massage and pedicure or if you want to go to a hair salon for a new color and haircut, visiting a salon and spa can help you relax and enjoy life. Not only can the professionals at such an establishment help you improve your appearance and self-confidence, but they can also offer suggestions on upkeep to maintain relaxation of muscles or preserve color. When deciding whether a spa/salon visit is a good option for you, it can help to know some of the positive benefits of going to one.
A professional Salon & Spa helps you look and feel your best. 
 From massaging your feet and painting your toes to coloring your hair and giving you a new style, salon and spa professionals can make sure you look and feel perfect for any event. One of the most prominent benefits of visiting a salon/spa is that the professionals there do everything they can to guarantee you look your best at all times. In most cases, these professionals even specialize in waxing and skin care, which can improve your overall appearance and skin complexion.
Aaron Merritt
Owner NV Salon & Spa
Benefits of Deep Conditioning Treatments
You have been offered a deep conditioning treatment countless times. Chances are, you may have passed it up until now. After reading this, you will think twice about passing up a deep conditioning treatment. Your stylist knows what they are talking about when they recommend it!

Deep conditioning penetrates the hair shaft, restoring the natural shine of the hair. Over time your hair gets build up from the environment around you. A deep conditioner smooths the shaft of the hair to give you back your natural shine.



Dry scalp is a horrible thing to have. The itching, scratching and worse - flakes! A deep conditioner moisturizes the scalp, keeping you from scratching and having those embarrassing flakes form. Your hair can weaken over time which causes breaking and split ends. The conditioning treatment will help restore the strength to your hair, preventing breakage and split ends.

Coloured hair and, chemically treated hair can get dull and lifeless. A deep conditioning treatment is a major benefit to coloured or chemically treated hair. The treatment will give the colour in your hair a new life, and sometimes make the colour last longer. It will repair damage and any breaking you may have experienced leaving your hair feeling and looking healthy and shiny.

A deep conditioning treatment is a wonderful add-on to your next hair cut. Once a month will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy all the time.
Alisa Merritt
Creative Director, Owner
NV Salon & Spa


Fried Hair?

After color treatments, blow-drying and curling our hair has taken a beating. It is frizzy, split on the ends and hard to deal with. How do we get rid of the fried hair and, calm down our locks before our next appointment with our stylist

Don't worry, you don't have to stop the highlights, low-lights, or the bleach and dye. What you will need to do is put a little more work into your hair each day.What is happening to your hair is very simple. Your hair is getting completely dried out from all of the heat styling and chemicals being put into it. We need to jump start your hair and give it back some of it's natural moisture.

Try to wash and towel-dry your hair or let it air-dry at night time. Don't blow dry it. If you use a glossing or styling cream on your hair, apply it while your hair is still damp and use a brush or comb to distribute the product. In the morning, apply a heat protector on your hair before you turn on any styling tools then, style away! As time goes on, many people will find their hair easier to style using this method. 

If you really need a boost for the dry hair, make an appointment for a conditioning treatment. Don't get anything else on the hair but that treatment. Find out what products your stylist recommends for you to use. In specific, get a recommendation for a good glossing or styling cream and, a good heat protector. By the time you are ready for your next service at the salon, you will have a routine to keep your hair "just out of the salon" soft and smooth.
Alisa Merritt
Creative Director, Owner
NV Salon & Spa



Combat the Signs of Aging

The hard, cold truth is reversing aging is impossible. Our bodies age and, our skin begins to break down. There is nothing we can do once it begins but slow it down or, reduce the signs. Thankfully, there are many ways to take care of this problem.

So many products exist that reduce the signs of aging or, slow aging down. Many products firm up the skin or temporarily plump the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Of course there are the more permanent solutions such as Botox or plastic surgery. As a caution, if you are ever thinking about a permanent solution, speak to your Esthetician , Dermatologist and others who have had the same procedures done before you make a decision.

Many of these products work well. Others are false claims or, the product is not designed for your skin type. Your best course of action is to speak to your Esthetician. Make an appointment for a facial at the spa and, find out if there are any add-ons that combat the signs of aging. While you are relaxing with your facial, ask your Esthetician what products they recommend for your skin.

Take a look at the products your Esthetician recommends and, try to get trial or sample sizes to be certain the product will work well for your skin. Typically, the largest products in demand for mature skin types are for the areas around the eyes, face and neck. Figure out what you need and get your Estheticians help. If you follow their instructions and experiment a bit on your own, you will be able to combat the signs of aging before they begin.
Alisa Merritt
Creative Director, Owner
NV Salon & Spa



Create a Pamper Me Day

Just our every day life can cause un-needed stress on our minds and bodies. Simply taking a day to relax and, pamper yourself is actually healthy for you. It will reduce the stress on your mind which will reduce muscle tension and, help you relax. Reducing stress also aides in slowing down the aging process of our skin which means, less wrinkles!

Use the salon and spa for your day of pampering. Splurge and enjoy yourself! There are plenty of packages to choose from to customize your experience at the salon. Or, you can pick services a-la-carte as well.

What is essential to a full day of pampering at the salon? A massage should be first or last. It will reduce the stress in your muscles and, ease tension plus relax you. Having a facial to perk up your skin and, help further relax you is another "must". Getting a body wrap or, hydrotherapy should also be on the list. Not only does this help remove impurities from your body but, it also is very relaxing. Follow it up with a manicure and pedicure to make sure your whole body is looking fine! Then, get yourself a hair trim or new style to really feel and look awesome.

You can also plan your own day, based around what you want and like. Get rid of everyone in the house for a day (that's the tough part). Sleep in if you can and, when you wake up take things slow. Relax, have a nice bubble bath or a warm shower. Watch one of your favorite movies or, TV shows. Go to your favorite park and read a good book or, hit your favorite coffee house. Make the day yours!

Make an appointment at the salon for later in the day. Get a massage, mini-facial, manicure or pedicure. Take a couple of hours and decide what you want to look and feel great. After feeling like a million dollars at the salon, order your favorite take-out for dinner and, indulge a little bit.

No matter how you plan your "pamper me" day, keep one thing in mind. That is you! 
Alisa Merritt
Creative Director, Owner
NV Salon & Spa