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Aesthetician ( Skin Care)

photo of Blanca Silguero, Aesthetician ( Skin Care) Blanca Silguero
6500 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX, 76116 USA

Blanca is an aesthetician (skin care) at  NV Salon & Spa

Blanca Silguero is a great asset to our Salon Team , she has several years of experience as an aesthetician. Prior to NV Salon & Spa, Blanca worked for the prestigious Greenhouse Spa, and Tricia Ready's Salon. She has developed a wonderful reputation  throughout the metroplex for her unique and affective methods of Skin care.

Blanca does what is known as a true European Facial, a natural hands on approach to cleansing and repairing the skin. She pays close attention to detail when consulting with her clients about their specific needs to customize their service.

Blanca's clients refer to her touch as  firm yet secure and very relaxing. You see with Blanca, it is not only the skin, also the soul that is healed through touch. Blanca loves her work, enjoys her clients and this is reflected in her large clientele and the frequency in which they return for service.

Blanca is highly skilled in all areas of skin care, but specializes in facials, extractions, natural peels, and deep hydrating facial skin repair . (Dr. Shrammack )

Blanca retails products by Acute Derma, Janssen, Cosmeceutical and Dr. Shrammack.

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